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What is Spirituality?

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In this article, we will touch on a Highly demanding topic and that is SPIRITUALITY.

Through this article, we will understand What is spirituality.

The term “spirituality” is an expansive term with many perspectives. It is generally the feeling of being connected to something greater than us,

Meaning of Spirituality


Spirituality is the process or you can say it is a Journey of knowing yourself by expanding your consciousness and establishing a Deeper connection with Higher divinity.


What is Spirituality?  Omnipresent of god.
what is Spirituality?

The journey of Finding your inner self to know the purpose of life is a Spiritual Journey.

The meaning of deep spirituality may vary from person to person. It depends on their perception of it. 

In this process you don’t need to think about the past or future, Even you don’t need to do anything. You just need to Sit and be in the present moment, Enjoy your present moment.

it’s an Intuition art of knowing ourselves.

And when you realize your inner presence, when you realize that you are nowhere but just here, everything is here, when you realize that wherever you want to reach you are already there, That’s the Spiritual mindset.

You will realize that there is something beyond everything that has cared for us, love for us. And to be aligned with that higher power is the art of inner peace.



As you see nowadays everyone is suffering from something, Everyone has a hunger for something. 

And everyone tries to find their answers in the material world, 

Most people don’t know the exact purpose of their life,

To know the exact Purpose of Life and the meaning of life, Spirituality comes into the picture. 

When you try to find an answer from the outside, You will not be able to find anything from the outside. You must have to look inside of you.

you can get the help of Books on life’s purposes which are available on the Internet nowadays.

What to do?


What to do with spirituality?

Believe me,  The ultimate Power is already hidden inside of you, You just need to be aligned with it. Once you are aligned everything will change around you. 

When you Realize yourself and your connection with a divine god, you will start feeling fulfilled and blessed.

You will start focusing on good things that you already have rather than focusing on things that you don’t have. 

In other terms, This is called GRATITUDE. Gratitude is itself a compelling thing in this Beautiful world.

To expand your consciousness you can start with meditation.

Meditation is The Best Way to get started with your Spiritual Journey.

When you initiate your Steps towards your consciousness, Firstly It will be too hard to figure out, how to start with meditation.

Because once you start developing a habit of meditation, You will face lots of mental obstacles,

You can not control your thoughts, Your focus Deviates here and there.

You will also feel like giving up after a few days of meditation. If you follow Proper meditation practices, You will be able to observe Your thought patterns, and you can control your Thoughts by breathing exercises.

Let’s have a little talk about spirituality v/s Religion.


The ultimate goal of spirituality and religion is To find a connection with god. 


Spirituality vs religion
spirituality vs religion.

There is no single path for Spirituality and religion. There are many different types of paths to follow to achieve the final goal.

Spirituality is Beyond Religion…

There are lots of people who follow Religion and believe that they are Spiritual. That is Completely wrong. “Adhyatman” uses other words for Religion. 

But actually “Adhyatman” means Spirituality, not religion.

“Dharmik” is the word that stands for Religion.

-> When the Thought of “Good For others” enters inside of Someone then the Real Spirituality begins.

To Visit “Char Dham ” It’s Religion.

To Visit “Holy Places” it’s Religion.


“To Practice Holiness For Yourself, It’s Being Spiritual”. 

Spreading Unconditional Love


Unconditional love
spreading an unconditional love.

If You are a Person with. a Caring Mindset about society and their emotions And you are doing good things for society without expecting anything in return then You Can be a spiritual person.

You Don’t expect anything but, You will start attracting everything love, peace, and harmony from society.

When You Help others then, God will help You. 

– Great souls

Keep in Heart that When You Help Someone’ with Your Pure Heart then that Someone will reward you with an immense amount of happiness.

That Person Rewards You With Happiness Vibration and that brings Fulfillment into your life.

If You Help Someone Without Expecting Anything In Return, It Will Give You Coolness And A High Level Of Relaxation. 

Want to feel that relaxation? 

Let’s feel it with me…


Step 1 …  Take A deep breath till a count of 4.

Step 2 …  Hold it till the count of 4.

Step 3 …  slowly exhale till the count of more than 4. 

Do this for 10 to 15 Breaths, 

And keep in mind that With every inhalation You are inhaling Positivity and love, and with every exhale you are exhaling all the negativity and lack of mindset for everything from inside.  

This is a powerful technique of breathing and relaxation.                    


If so, I would love to read it in the comment section 😉.

Thus, If we want to experience Reasonless Happiness then just start Helping others, and don’t Expect Anything in Return.

→ There are lots of People thought that if they help Someone they will lose something.

So My Dearest 

By Helping others we are not Losing anything But whatever we give will Return to us multiple Times.

When we started walking on a spiritual path then the world became a Garden for us. Whatever we plant in the garden will come to us that’s for sure.

Lord Krishna said in their Bhagavad Gita….

If Anyone is sad around You then You can’t stay Happy for a Long Time. 

                                        – Bhagavad Gita.

Let us understand this with the help of Beautiful Story.


Once in a while In America, there is one salesman who deviates here and there from selling his product, he is doing door-to-door selling, but everyone is rejecting him. No one was ready to buy his product. The whole day had passed, but he could not sell any product yet.

 He got so hungry because he didn’t even drink water till evening. He is so thirsty and hungry. He thought that let us try to get help from someone. He knocked on many doors for food and water but no one was ready to hear him, And everyone closed the door on his face without knowing a reason for his knock. 

He was so sad and tired also, and there was another door left to knock on, god poured hope inside of him and he knocked on that door. 

One lady came outside and said what you want my son?” The salesman smiled when he heard the word SON. 

He observes that the lady is living alone, and is so poor, But the Salesman was so hungry and thirsty, 

The salesman told her, that he was very thirsty, the lady had only one glass of milk and no food to feed the salesman, and even that lady had no money to buy any product from the salesman. 

So The lady told the salesmen, My son, I am living alone here. I am giving this one glass of milk to you, I deemed that I am giving this milk to my son. With this glass of milk, your hunger will calm. 

That salesman drank that milk and felt like he had something to live on. And he gave lots of blessings to that Lady. That salesman left the home of that lady. 

15 years have passed since this incident

The lady became too old and she had a heart attack. Some people around that lady bring her into the hospital.

But that lady has nothing to pay for the hospital bills. The doctor came and started the operation on that lady, the operation was successful. 

And that lady was wondering about Hospital bills. When the day of discharge came, The lady was wondering so much, How may I Pay these Bills, She started Asking GOD why you saved me god, Now how may I pay the bills?

She came to the reception with her heavy legs. She told the receptionist to give me the Bill. The Bill was about 5 Lacks And She was Shocked When she read


The Doctor was the salesman to whom that lady fed THE ONE GLASS OF MILK 15 years ago.



This world is a Beautiful garden created by god. Whatever we plant in this Beautiful garden, we will get fruits accordingly for sure. This is the law of KARMA.

Have you got TEARS in your eyes? If so Then we have the same emotions, You are a person with a Very kind heart. By telling this story my eyes wet every time.



“The world is Round, the world has no corner to keep Your good deeds or Bad deeds.

If you did Good deeds then Nature will Give You Positive Results For that.

So We should Spread Happiness in the world. because If we start Spreading Happiness in other’s life it will come to us with Multiplied. 

Beauty is not in material things that the world sees in us and we are seeing in the world, but the beauty is hidden inside of us that we have something special to give the world.

If you want to be aware of how to tap into your intuition? Then keep yourself around this blog.

If you are beautiful, it’s god’s gift to you, If you live your life beautifully, it’s your gift to god.


thank you so much 🙂

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