Gratitude: The Mother Of Happiness

Gratitude The Mother Of Happiness

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Do you want to attract success, happiness, Peace, and Love into your life? 

Yes, I know you want it all; of course, we all want that in our lives. 

Then gratitude is the Only key.

Now it’s time to congratulate all of you Because Universe brings you the right article.

Here in this article, we will become familiar with the secret of Gratitude: The mother of happiness. We will discuss everything about gratitude.

You can see around you many people are living purposeless lives. They don’t know their life’s exact purpose, and they constantly deviate here and there for material things. To be aware of your life purpose you must need to understand the spirituality

They are always dissatisfied with whatever they have in their life. Their focus always goes on things they don’t have in their life, without which they think they can not live.

Here gratitude comes into the picture.

In this article, I will explain to you what is the exact meaning of gratitude and its role in the transformation of your life.

I promise you that if you have developed the habit of the Attitude of gratitude, then, No one can disturb your mental peace, And you can not be detached from your happiness.

It is scientifically proven that if someone count their blessings and stay grateful for whatever they have daily, the Universe will bring more magical things into their life.

Many successful people stay happy and focused on their work, and their lives are becoming more beautiful daily because they are doing gratitude practice daily.

The cryptic text is made crystal clear by the revolution of one hidden word.

More than 2000 years have passed since who recorded those words, But they are as accurate as they ever were.

We all know the great scientist Albert Einstein. He also applied this Attitude of gratitude in his life and achieved unbelievable success with great discoveries.

What is the mystery behind his successful discoveries whenever questions are asked of Albert Einstein?

Einstein always replies that all success and discoveries are blessings of others to me.

The scientists, philosophers, inventors, discoveries, and many successful human beings on this planet applied the Attitude of gratitude in their daily lives.

They are all personalities with grateful mindsets.

Because they are aware of the inherent power of being grateful for whatever we already have.

Yet the sad part is that most people are unaware of the power of gratitude Today.

They are unaware because To experience the power of gratitude in your life, you must practice it daily.

Let us dive into the way of happiness from here.

What is the meaning of gratitude?


Meaning of gratitude.
meaning of gratitude.

When we are grateful to God for everything they gave to us, and express it in front of them, Telling them Thank you so much, God, for everything you have done for us.

This type of Attitude is called the Attitude of gratitude.

The meaning of gratitude means being aware of what you already have rather than focusing on what you don’t have 🙂

Studies have shown that When we start focusing on things that we already have and are so grateful for when we begin to be thankful for something that we already have, then God will bring the same magical stuff into our lives.



The research has been conducted on people who always go to the Temple.

There are three types of people with three kinds of intentions.

1st type

They go to the Temple to tell their problems to God that I am facing this kind of problem in their life. 

God, get me out of this problem. They always focus on problems that come in their life.

They don’t focus on the results that if I face this problem successfully, how strong I will become.

2nd type.

They go to God for complaints. They ask God, “Why do you bring this many problems into my life?”

They complain About why you keep me poor. 

They always complain about whatever they don’t have and aggressively want in their life.

3rd type.

They go to the Temple to demand dreams and goals from God.

They tell God, please give me this, that, etc.

They are always demanding their dreams, like, 

God, I want to buy this, I want to buy that, please give it all to me.

Apart from all three types of people

There are 4th type people also.

They go to the Temple,


  • Telling their problems 
  • Telling the complaints about whatever they don’t have.
  • Demand dreams from the God

They are going to the Temple to say. Thank you to God for everything they have done for them.

They are always grateful for whatever they have and live a fulfilled life. They always focus on the things they have and are so thankful for.

The gratitude effect, their life is constantly flooded with magical things and happiness.

Conclusion Of the research:

The 4th kind of people was happier and more fulfilled compared to the three types of people who always focused on negative things or things they didn’t have.

Gratitude is all about memories.


Gratitude is all about memories.
gratitude is all about memories 💖

We all have lots of relations in our lives; they may be our parents, they may be our real brothers and sisters, they may be our cousins, they may be our colleagues at our workplace, they may be our friends.

We all have a few memories with them in which they did something for us that made us happy at that moment, so we should be grateful to them by remembering those good memories.

In my case,

There were a lot of incidents in my life when I was going through the most challenging times of my life. 

At that time, My best friends were called “Cute friends”.

 They are the only friends who helped me escape from those tough times.

And always stand by me.

They did an incredible amount of help which is invaluable. I will always be grateful for these friends that God gave to me.

These friends are an invaluable gift from God to me. 

Thank you so much for these friends, God.

Thus, like this, you also can be grateful for the best moments with the best people in your life.

Why should you be grateful for everything?


Why we should be grateful ☺️
why we should be grateful?

“If you don’t take time to be grateful for what you already have, you will never have more; instead, whatever you have, you will lose it.”

The discoveries of Newton depend on the fundamental law of motion in the Universe.

One of Newton’s laws said that.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

When you apply this law to the idea of gratitude, every action of being grateful and giving thanks always brings the opposite reaction of receiving more and more magical things that are all equal to gratitude.

In short, the more you deeply feel grateful or grateful for everything you have, the more you will receive it more and more, and vice-versa.

How to start being grateful


How to start being grateful?
how do start being grateful?

You can start with the sleep,

While you sleep, just sleep in a state of gratitude.

And when you wake up in the morning Give a big thank you to the sunlight.

Give a big thank you to Mother Earth while your feet touch it first in the morning.

Give thanks for the food that you are going to eat in a day.

Like this, there are countless blessings of God on us.

If you can not be grateful or can not count the blessings of God then the fault lies inside of you.

believe me, dear reader, 

Whoever you are, whatever problems you are facing now, it doesn’t matter, the magic of gratitude will work for you and can change your entire life.

Expert’s talk on gratitude


  • According to psychology

Positive psychology research has shown that gratitude consistently and powerfully connects with higher happiness levels. The benefits of gratitude help people experience happier, enjoy happy moments, boost their health, cope with difficulties, and form solid relationships

  • David Steindl-Rast

     “It is not happiness that makes us grateful” but “gratefulness that makes us happy”.

  • John F Kennedy

      “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”.   

  •  Michelle Obama

       “We learned about gratitude and humility – that many people had a hand in our success.



With warm blessings and giving thanks to you all beautiful readers I am concluding this article here.

So guys, whatever you have in your life is a blessing from God, don’t forget to say thank you for everything that God has done for you.

If you phased that’s a blessing, if you can walk that is another blessing, if you can talk that is another blessing, guys whatever you have now it is just a blessing.

Start counting it, it will increase day by day.

Thank you so much guys for coming on this article. I am so grateful to have a community like you.

I love you all and thank you so much.

Keep being grateful and keep coming for this type of amazing information about life transformation.

That’s it…☺️

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