21 days Self love challenge to transform your life in 2024

21 days Self love challenge to transform your life in 2023

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In this article, we will give ourselves something called the challenge, The Self-love challenge to transform your life in the year 2024. 

I promise you that after reading this article, you will not hate yourself anymore. You will start loving yourself. No matter what, whatever you are today, whoever you are today, whatever your caste is, whatever religion you follow, how you look, whatever society talks about you, it all doesn’t matter after applying self-love In your life.

After reading this article you will come to realize your respect in the eyes of you. You will be able to love yourself.

There are a lot of successful and peaceful personalities on this planet, They grow by Loving themselves daily.

They start their day by saying the word “I love myself”. That’s the practice that helps you to love yourself first. 

Let’s understand the meaning of Self-love.

What does self-love mean?


If this Question arises in your brain then you can consider yourself in the Self-love club.

Self-love is equal to self-discipline.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example

God has done their work, they created us, and they created this beautiful body that we all have. And in this body, God gave various functionalities too. And every part of this body has its function. But sometimes many people are using this body for temporary pleasure only. For if you desire to stay in your comfort zone, or if you wish to consume too much fast food, etc many more things too, but all pleasures are temporary. 

After fulfilling all our Desires, we are left with only regret.

So if you are using your body for material pleasures, then you are not following self-discipline and it’s not love.

If you are doing things for just material pleasures and in the long term it will adversely affect your mental peace, physical health, and Spiritual life then you are not loving yourself enough.

To be in love with pleasures, it’s not love.

If you are doing things that are right for your mental peace, physical health, and spiritual life, then you are in love with yourself.

These things will give you self-love herbs.

Why is Loving yourself important for everyone?


As you can see around you there are a lot of people who are suffering emotionally, they are emotionally disturbed. Especially in today’s generation, these things show up in love and relationships. And sometimes it shows up in mother and son relationships also.

Now let’s understand why this is happening. If you have any clue do inform other likewise people in the comment section. 

When people are not loving themselves, how can others love them? So if you are not loving yourself, no one can love you either.

If you are not respecting yourself, then you should not keep the hope of respect from others.

Everyone will take you for granted and hurt you if you don’t love yourself and don’t respect yourself. You will face low self-esteem.

Your trigger of happiness will no longer stay with you. Other people operate it for their pleasure. 

If you are the one who is facing these types of things in your life, then you have a lack of self-love Inside of you.

My dear reader, You are the most beautiful person on this planet, just start loving yourself as if you loved someone else and if someone else does not value your love, give that same love to yourself, and see the world turn around in the beautiful love garden. 

People who don’t value you, start giving values, people who don’t want to see you, will want to meet you, and the people who didn’t respect you in the past, start respecting you. 

Believe me, dear reader, I am sharing this personal experience with a lot of relatives and friends. I was so dumb and always thought negatively about myself. But as I start loving whoever I am, everything changes around me.

All the people who don’t value me, start to prioritize me. My relatives who don’t believe in me are shocked to see my success and work. If they are jealous then it’s fine it’s not your fault 😅. It’s their fault they can’t see someone else’s success.

So Let’s challenge ourselves on this new year’s resolution. 

Take a 21-day self-love challenge that can transform your whole life in 2024.


In this challenge, you must follow Self-love practice for the next 21 days, without skipping any day. Track this 21-day self-discipline journey. Every day you need to start your day with self-love exercises.

Before entering into the Boastfulness challenge Let’s understand 5 practices that help you to love yourself as follows.

Forgive yourself for past mistakes.


Forgive yourself for every mistakes that you made.
Forgive yourself for every mistake that you made.

We all are human and we all make mistakes, so it’s normal to make mistakes. But the problem arises when we don’t learn a lesson from our mistakes. 

Now it’s time to let go of all the mistakes that you made in the past and that you are still regretting. Just affirm the following affirmations daily in front of the Mirror.

  • I forgive myself, ☺️
  • I am free from those mistakes.☺️

Add these two powerful affirmations to your Self-satisfaction challenge. After a few days of practice, you will start feeling relief Inside of you. You will feel detached from those mistakes that you hold in your mind.

Letting go of memories that no longer serve you.


Let go of everything that no longer serves you.
Let go of everything that no longer serves you.

This is a very important point to follow in Complacency practice. Just let go of memories and people who no longer serve you.

Just let go of everything that no longer serves you. No matter what, start installing new things in your life.

Just keep in mind that if you hold memories or a person in your mind then new memories and new people can’t enter your life because the place is already taken by things that no longer serve you.

So let go of those things and let new things take place and new people who matter to you.

Affirmations for this practice- 

  • I let go of all the memories that no longer serve me.
  • I let go of all the people who hurt me in the past. 
  • I have cleared space in my heart for new memories and new people.

Do affirm this every day in the morning just after waking. All these affirmations are the prayer for self-love so don’t miss it. 

Do what makes you happy.


Do what makes you happy
Do what makes you happy

Sometimes, people who suffer from a Lack of Pridefulness or self-esteem, are always seeking others’ suggestions for everything. Others do suggest them and they believe in their suggestions even though they don’t like them, they still follow their suggestions. And the resultant is a victim of unhappiness.

So always do what makes you happy. What matters to you? Doesn’t matter what others are saying about your decision, others talking will not reach your ears If you know what is right for you.

Do ask for suggestions from others, and do take expert advice for your work. But do what makes you happy instead of blindly following their instructions or advice. If you do so it will again cause unhappiness and a lack of self-love.

Mantras or affirmations for this practice you should add to your self-love challenge rituals.

  • I always do what makes me happy.
  • I always prioritize myself and my suggestions to myself.
  • I do respect my suggestion to me.

Switch a Vanity journal.

You can maintain a separate journal if you want to. Just keep one Book and pen and write the above affirmations in that book. And feel every affirmation. It’s happening right now.

And day by day write new loving affirmations in that book and keep that book with you everywhere. And read whenever you feel down Or willing to read.

Practice self-care.


Self care is not selfishness
Self-care is not selfishness

Self-care is the most vital point to falling in love with yourself. Sometimes people don’t care about themselves and they care about others, in terms of mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

But First, if you don’t care about yourself then Your care for others has no value.

So first of all Care about yourself. Be cured in every area of your life. Be safe. 

For self-care practice, you can do everything that you can. Like if you want to glow your skin you can try out various things for skin care.

If you love to eat chocolate go buy yourself chocolate. I would highly recommend you add this practice to your 21-day Boastfulness Challenge 2024. 

If you love to be calm and want a mental cure for mental problems, start meditation. Here is the complete guide to meditation.

Practice gratitude every day


Practice gratitude everyday
Practice gratitude every day

Gratitude is the mother of happiness, it’s the beautiful herb for Pridefulness.

Start being grateful for whatever you already have in your life. Start counting your blessings. Once you start counting your blessings and start making a list of your blessings, you will realize that the list becomes longer and longer.

According to Rhonda Byrne the great author of The Magic Book

They mentioned there if you are grateful for whatever you have in your life, the. You will be given more.


If you are not being grateful for whatever you have, then you will lose what you have.

So start gratitude practice to enhance love for yourself. So don’t forget to add this gratitude practice to your challenge in 2024.  If you want to know more about this particular point “GRATITUDE” ” you can go through the article Gratitude: The Mother of Happiness

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So dear beautiful reader, I hope this article will be an eye-opener for you on this new year’s resolution In 2024.

Accept the 21-day self-love challenge and 

Start practicing self-love every day and transform your whole life in 2024. 

If you follow all the instructions that I mentioned above then This self-love challenge will change your whole life.

And this 2024 will be a turning point for you.

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