Uplifting Guide To Meditation|Beginners Guide|How To Get Started

uplifting Guide To meditation| Beginner's guide

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In this article, we will discuss a beginner’s guide to meditation and how beginners get started with meditation in a way they can be consistent with that habit.

Everyone knows that meditation is the best habit out of all mindful habits to craft our lives beautifully.

There is no single successful person in the world who is not following meditation.

Meditation has created amazing results for people who are following it consistently.

Dear reader, have you ever tried meditation before? 

Yes, I know you have tried that is why you are here on this article. And if you didn’t try it earlier then also fine you will have amazing knowledge and a kick boost to do meditation after reading this article.

If meditation is the ultimate weapon to win our thoughts and minds, then why are people not doing it regularly? Any clue? If so, Comment downside.

Many people who had started meditation earlier without any proper guidance, used to say that meditation is so boring.

And many people always have excuses to avoid meditation. They feel they are busy and they don’t have enough time so they can manage their time for meditation.

These are the people who first need to crack an emotional immaturity test. For that, there are a few effortless ways to meditate that can be flexible for all of you.

Once you become familiar with meditation it becomes the only way to stay happy.

We all face lots of issues with our brains once we start meditation. Our brain is not strong enough to stay in one place, in the beginning, it will deviate here and there with a lot of thoughts in our mind.

It’s ok, and it’s normal for every beginner to face this problem when he gets started with meditation.

What many people are doing while meditating?

They are always trying to control Their thoughts or running away from thoughts that are rare to impossible. That is the biggest mistake that every beginner makes when he gets started with meditation.

What is meditation?


The meaning of meditation is not moving from our thoughts, or trying to stop or push the thoughts, BUT Being comfortable with your thoughts is the actual meaning and purpose of the meditation.

Once you can understand your thoughts instead of controlling your thoughts, then you will be able to use the power of your mind.


what if Meditation becomes so easy for you?

What if Meditation becomes so interesting for you?

I will share one quick start with the meditation technique with you at the end of this article. So let’s get familiar with one of the best mindfulness exercises and that is meditation.

Calm and comfortable place.


Calm and comfortable place (guide to meditation)
Calm and comfortable place (a guide to meditation)

The place of meditation is very important in meditation.

Very first we need to find a calm and comfortable place to meditate, where unnecessary noises are not coming.

Because we need to be introverted while meditating, if outer noise will disturb us then we will not be able to stay introverted for a long time.

The place needs to be net and Clean so that unnecessary energy does not affect you.

Let’s move on to another point,

Clothes to wear while meditating.


In meditation, you are practicing sitting in one place for a long time.

So your clothes need to be very comfortable so that it does not make you feel uncomfortable while meditating.

Preferably wear cotton clothes, and avoid jeans and fit Shirts and T-shirts. 

In short, clothes need to be loose so that you can sit in one place for a long time.

Sitting Posture of the body in meditation.


Meditation posture (Guide to meditation)
Meditation posture (Guide to meditation)

The posture of the body in meditation plays a vital role that we can’t ignore.

You can sit on the floor or a chair. You need to have a mat under your hips.

If you directly sit on a mat or a chair without having anything extra punch under your hips and over the mat, then in a very short time you will feel pain in your backside and you will lose your stillness.

So to retain your stillness for a long time and to avoid lower back pain use a cushion.

How to use it? 

Firstly keep the mat on a floor then keep that cushion on that mat in a way so that only half the mat is covered by that cushion. The other half of the mat is for your crossed legs. Your crossed legs should not touch the floor.

Next, your spinal cord must stay erect while meditating. 

To keep your spine erect effortlessly, keep both hands at pelvic joints.

Your palms need to be upper-facing, it’s called receiving mode. 

We are meditating to receive the grace of the divine so keep your palm in the receiving mode.

Guide to stillness while Meditation.


Guide to stillness (guide to Meditation)
Guide to stillness (guide to Meditation)

Initially, in meditation, we couldn’t maintain stillness for a long time. And that is completely fine. 

You need to keep the 3P (PPP) Formula in mind. 

P- patience 

P- practice

P- perseverance

It would help if you kept practicing stillness. 

Few common things that every beginner faces while meditating.


  • In starting you will feel pain in a few parts of your body,


  • You just need to see and let it go, Do not focus on that.


  • Sometimes you feel something itching on your body somewhere, but once you open your eyes and look there, you will find nothing and regret breaking concentration.


  • Whenever you feel something itching on your body, let your focus go there, don’t react to it, just keep in mind that It’s ok let it go, and get your focus back on breathing.


  • Sometimes you will feel that something is moving on your body under your clothes, but once you see you will find nothing there.


  • Do the same thing with this as well. Just focus for a while on it, and then take a deep breath let it go, and get back your focus on breathing again.

In short…

In any situation and any condition you need to keep in mind that 

“maintain equanimity with the sense of impermanence”

This one thing will bring you to a successful end. Because the power of pause contains a hugely positive future result.

How to interact with our thoughts while meditating.


You don’t need to interact with your thoughts, you don’t even need to focus on your thoughts. 

Many people are trying to control Their thoughts while meditating, and it’s the biggest mistake that every beginner makes.

You must not try to control your thoughts because it’s impossible for beginners. The ultimate purpose of meditation is to be friendly with our thoughts, not controlling them.

Starting once you sit with your eyes closed your brain will be flooded with infinite thoughts, and it’s ok. Let them come instead of trying to stop them.

Let them flow, because every flowing thing never stays in one place, so the thoughts also will never stay in your brain let it flow, it will flow away soon.

Try to focus on your breath instead of your thoughts. It’s ok if your Focus deviates again and again. It’s quite normal for beginners.

Whenever your focus deviates, just bring it back.

For example- 

   I am sitting in meditation, thinking that these many problems are running in my life. I said to that thought, it’s ok let it go, I brought my focus on breathing again.

You can practice this as much as you can. And you can practice whenever you focus on something.

After a few days of constant practice, your brain will become thoughtless or say your brain has a low number of thoughts.

From here awareness takes place inside of you.

And you will start meditation for awareness. 

Importance of discipline in meditation.


Importance Of Discipline (Guide to meditation)
Importance Of Discipline (Guide to Meditation)

Without discipline, there will be no positive results.

All successful people always follow their discipline regularly. That is why you and I both know them.

And if you want to progress in your meditation you must be disciplined in that.

So it is too important to stay disciplined in meditation. 

I would like to suggest to you one tip stay disciplined in meditation.

Take a mindfulness challenge, Start with a 7-day meditation challenge and gradually increase it. 

Our brain is always ready to face challenges so take a challenge and make it possible.

The right time to meditate in a day.


There is no right time to meditate, whenever you want, you can meditate.

Right now,

Wherever you are sit down there and you can start meditation there now. 

Preferably everyone loves to meditate in the early morning.

Guide to meditation with breathing exercises


Breathing exercises (guide to meditation)
Breathing exercises (guide to meditation)

I am explaining to you one basic breathing exercise here, you can easily start from here. 

Firstly you need to have an earplug with you if you don’t have that’s completely ok. But if you do, then use it. And you can buy it later and use it.

(What is an ear plug- An ear plug will help you to cease outer noise.)

Sit at one selected calm place on the mat and a cushion.

Your back must be erect. And put your hands on the joints of the pelvic area. 

Take a deep breath through your nose for count 4, hold it for count 4 then release it through your mouth for count 4, with the exhalation slowly closing your eyes.

And try to see the middle of your 2 eyebrows which is called the “Third eye.”

Then continue breathing work in the same pattern. 

There are two types of noises. 

  • Outer noise
  • Inner noise.

We cover our ears with earplugs so outer noises are stopped. Now what remains is the inner Noise. Here we need to focus on inner noise.

Start with 5 minutes.

Then gradually increase your meditation time. Slowly you will see progress in it.

Take a small challenge and stick to that challenge, you can take a 7-day challenge. And count it. 

Once you are done with the day 1 tick mark there on day one in the calendar, it will give you the motivation to stay consistent.

And if you have time, then you can join a meditation center too. There you will find a lot of like-minded people.

Once you join group meditation you will feel a different level of energy there. 

It will be easier to be friendly with meditation by joining a group meditation.

Patience and perseverance are the key.


See guys, every good thing takes time and effort.

Without effort, there will be no expected results. 

Every beginning has a lot of hurdles, but if you still stay consistent with it you will slowly win the battle.

You will find a connection with your inner self.

You need to keep patience and consistency.

Because consistency is the key.

Consistency will vanish all the hurdles.



I hope this article will clear all your doubts about beginners’ guides to meditation.

Now you can start with your meditation journey easily.

If you guys don’t have time to meditate. And feel meditation needs more effort. 

Then there are the 7 effortless ways to meditate, kindly go through it and start your beautiful meditation journey. 

Thank you so much for being on this article. 

If you find something helpful in this article Guide to Meditation then Kindly share it with others so that they also get a boost and get started with their meditation journey.

It will count as a good KARMA of yours.

That’s it.

Keep helping and keep supporting. 

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