7 effortless ways to meditate

7 Effortless Ways To Meditate Can Actually Shift Your Energy

In this article we will be familiar with the meaning of meditation and 7 effortless ways to meditate that can shift your energy. And brings mindfulness to your life. 

Let’s see the meaning of meditation.

There are various definitions for the word “Meditation”, But in simplest termsā€¦

“Meditation is nothing but being in the present moment.

As you can see around you, everyone is suffering from something and something.

Some people are suffering from depression, some are suffering from anxiety, some are suffering from tension and much more mental diseases.

Many of them don’t know the way to get rid from this situation, they are always finding the solutions from the outer world for their inner problems.

But the solution for our inner problems lies inside of our inner peace.

And there are many other people also who are completely aware of the solution for these problems.

They know that the mindfulness and the meditation is the only way to find inner peace and overcome these inner chaos.

But they always makes and excuses to avoid meditation. 

They are telling that they don’t have time to meditate, they feels so borring during meditate, they feels it’s complicated and very few people can do this.

But my dear friends there is nothing like that, meditation is not complicated and not borring too.

Once you fall in love with your inner beauty, then you will find meditation everywhere around you.

Meditation will became too easy and necessary for your inner fuel to survive in this world.

There are a lot of successful people who were down in the past. They were facing immense levels of depression and anxiety but now they are successful. And meditation is the most vital thing that they built a habit of.

Friends you can do meditation anywhere and anytime. You don’t need to make a time to meditate.

Just stay focused whatever you are doing its your meditation.

In other terms in meditation we shouldn’t do anything and just stay calm and steel. 

But here you can start developing your meditation habit by focusing on things whatever you are doing.

That makes your meditation effortless.

Here are the 7 effortless ways to meditate.

7 effortless ways to meditate
7 effortless ways to meditate

1. By observing good things around you.

In this way you just need to be there wherever you are and whatever you are doing just take a look around you consciously.

Whatever you can see, just see it with full focus.

If someone is laughing, then observe their happiness and see their facial expressions and note every detail of their behaviour in that happiest moment. 

If you sit alone in the garden then just take a look towards nature and explore your both arms and feel the love of nature towards you. Take a detailed note of their love.

If a cold wind is flowing then feel the touch of the wind on your face with your eyes closed. Feel it with breathing exercises.

Thus observing things that are happening around you is one beautiful way to meditate.

2. Meditate while walking.

If you care about your physical body then for you it’s too easy to meditate, Because first thing is that if you are aware of physical health then you must be aware of mental health too.

You can meditate while walking, by counting the steps.

If you are consciously counting the steps then you must pay high attention to the steps, otherwise you lose your counting.

So count your footsteps with full focus and you will feel that you are able to focus on footsteps only. It’s a effortless way meditatešŸ˜Š

3. Meditate while traveling

Friends, if you love to travel on public transport then meditation may be easy for you because here is the best way to meditate.

Just take a look out of the window of that public transport, observe the things that are quickly passing away.

After observing things for 2 minutes just sit there in your place, close your eyes and remember all the things that you have observed.

This technique of meditation will be helpful to enhance your memory also.

I learnt this technique from the Sherlock Holmes series. How he observes things and recalls all the things in brain with his eyes closed.

I adopted this way of meditation from there. Friends it’s a perfect way of meditation for students, teachers, professors, corporate professionals etc. And for those who are unable to make seperate time for meditation.

4. Meditate while on a workplace

Friends if you are so busy with your job schedule or a business schedule then this way of meditation may be helpful to stay calm and help you to focus on work too.

In this way we will use visualisation meditation here.

Visualise your working day in a workplace or a business place.

Visualise it as you want it to happen with you in a day.Just see your whole working day in your brain with every Tiny detail.

Also visualise conversations with your colleagues and interaction with your higher body in a way you want.

It will bring calmness and fulfillment inside of you.

Friends visualisation is the most powerful gift from god that we ever have.

5. Meditate while reading

If you are a student then most of your time goes with books. right?

Dear student, Meditation is the best practice that you ever need.

If you are a person who loves to read books then meditation will become so Easy for you.

How?.. Let’s dive into itā€¦

While you are reading read in a cumulative way.

Let’s say if you are reading one topic, and you have read it with full focus.

Now what you need to do is, just sit with your eyes closed. And memories of that information that you just consume from that particular book.

At this point of time you will be able to memorize most of the information that you just consume. Right?

Interesting things start from here.

Now the meditation starts from here.

Read another topic and complete that topic with full focus.

Now once you complete another topic. Sit with your eyes closed, and memorize 1st topic first and then memorize 2nd topic at second.

You will realise that little information from the first topic has evaporated from the brain.

Do this with 4 to 5 topics continuously.

this technique is one of my favourite technique to meditate effortlessly. Really this way of meditation is one of the easy way out of all this Effortless ways to meditate.

I personally used this technique during my study time. It’s really effective to measure our focus and ability to retain information.

Slowly you will become more conscious about retaining new information in your brain and your memory power will increase slowly.

Once you find joy in this type of memory technique, then it will become your meditation.

6. Meditate while writing

You are thinking that how can we meditate while writing? Right?..

See When we start writing on any topic, first of all just sit with your eyes covered with your palms.

And think how long you need to write about that topic.

Think about how Many headlines I will cover in the whole article.

Then think about the need of the topic and draft the introduction of the topic inside of your brain.

Once you have a clear picture about these few things then start writing an article.

Once you have done your writing then paus yourself and close your eyes again, start thinking about the main part of the article that will serve you in this article.

And how it will be beneficial to Readers.

And at last think how you will conclude this article with your very impactful words.

I am writing this article with this technique.

I was literally blank at first when I decided to write on this topic.

Then I started thinking in my mind with my eyes closed, then slowly introductory words and sentences flipped in my mind.

Slowly the heading flipped, and finally I decided to start writing with meditation.

And yeah it works magically. Give it a try and let us know, whether it’s beneficial to you or not?.

But keep in mind that this way of meditation is little tricky out of all the effortless ways to meditate.

7. Meditate while you are on a picnic

I know you are totally amazed with this way to meditate. Aren’t you?

It’s super easy to meditate on a picnic.

Just take a diary and pen with you on a picnic.

Whenever you leave any destination and sit back in your bus then just close your eyes and try to memorize all the best things about that place that you just visited.

And write it down in the dairy.

It will be helpful to record your memories of that picnic and help your brain to memorize things that passed through your eyes.

Do this till the end of the day.

You will have beautiful memories written in your dairy and you have done great meditation exercises too.

this way of meditation is very enjoyable way out of all this Effortless ways to meditate.

Isn’t it too Easy?


Thus dear beautiful people now you have 7 different ways to meditate that shift your energy on a next level which are effortless.

Now you don’t have anything to make an excuse for meditation.

You will become an Effortless meditator.

Meditation will expand your spiritual life and make you aware of your life purpose.

Meditation will make it easy to understand what Spirituality is.

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