7 Things That Might Be Blocking Your Manifestation| How to Remove your Blocks

7 Things That Might Be Blocking Your Manifestation

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Hello dear GYT seekers I hope you all are doing well. We will capture 7 things that block your manifestation.

Sometimes people practice the law of attraction daily, they follow every manifestation tool and technique but somehow they cannot get the expected results.

Even though you are following all the rules of the law of attraction properly yet, you are facing problems with your manifestation.

This is happening because of blocks that exist between your efforts and your manifestation. I was there in your shoes, and facing a lot of difficulties in manifesting things that I want in my life.

Then I thought there was something that was missing in my efforts. I analyzed it. I read many books and articles about the law of attraction and the law of the universe. 

Finally, I concluded that many blocks inside of me are blocking my manifestation. I work on it and I overcome it slowly.

There is not a single person on this planet who practiced the law of attraction and didn’t face blocks in the beginning.

Facing a block is a learning process on the way to Manifest your desired state.

So in this article, we will reveal ourselves to the 7 things that block your manifestation and its solutions.

Let’s dive into it.


1. Negative Thoughts


Our Thoughts can change our reality from our current state to our desired state.

But if we negatively use our thought power, or we always think negatively, then we will not only be mentally disturbed but also it might affect our physical life.

Thoughts will never die, they will run in the universe finding the right frequency, when the frequency matches with the thoughts that we created, then they become reality.

When you create a thought of worry, it will bring more worry in your life.

If you create a thought of peace, it will bring more and more peace to your life.

Lord Buddha once said,

Our thoughts create our reality.”

Choose your thoughts wisely.

These negative thoughts might be the biggest block to your manifestation.

STEP towards Solution:-

You can not control your thoughts, and you can not change your thoughts too. But the only thing that you can do is, you can DIRECT your thoughts with the help of meditation.

Start practicing meditation to direct your thoughts in the right direction. Once your thoughts align with your inner self you will not get disturbed by your thoughts. 

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2. Past Energy


Why are today’s youngsters, today’s youth, living a sad life nowadays? Why do they always stay mentally disturbed and not live a fulfilling life as they want to live.?

It’s because either they are stuck in the past or living in the future. Both are not in our control. Sorrow will be born when someone tries to control something that isn’t in their control.

When you stick yourself in your memories then you are blocking unnecessary storage in your life.

And it’s the biggest block to manifesting new things in your life.

dear think if you have filled your phone with unnecessary data, and if you want to have new fresh data, then what do you have to do?..you have to clean unnecessary data first. Apply the same concept in real life also.

STEP towards Solution:-

You must let go of memories that contain past energy, which is the biggest cause of blocking your manifestation

You need to clean past energy to welcome new energy.

The lord Krishna has said

“Whatever has passed, it’s past, we can not change it, whatever will come, it’s FUTURE we can not control it. Then why should we waste our energy on something which is not in our control.”

What is in our control? It’s PRESENT. 

improve your present, your future, and your past will settle automatically.

3. Lack of clarity in intention


Tell me one thing, if you don’t have a proper destination where you want to reach, then how ways can help you to get there they can’t? If you don’t have a proper destination, no way will help you to get there.

Like that before trying to manifest something you must have clarity in your brain.

Lack of clarity is a huge reason for not manifesting the desired outcome.

Sometimes if you want to manifest this, and after a few days you want to manifest something else, and so on, it will confuse The Universe.

STEP towards Solution:-

You must be clear about what you want to manifest.

Set a clear goal, and its image in your brain, and start working and thinking about it only. It will help you to Remove this block from your attraction.

4. Attached to the outcomes


A lot of people are making this mistake in their manifestation journey. They attach themselves to the results of their desires.

What they are doing, is trying to track their manifestation, 

This attachment is born to a lack in yourself. And if there is a lack you will attract more lack in your life.

tell me one thing, once you order in a restaurant, then Do you track your order again and again? Of course not. You have ordered it will come at its right time. 


STEP towards Solution:-

Master Sri Akarshan has written a beautiful e-book “Set It and Forget It”. 

Once you have set a clear intention, just let it go, it will come to you in the form of your manifestation on its divine Time.

“Let it Go, To Let It IN”

5. Limited beliefs


Sometimes our own limiting beliefs stop our manifestation. 

What people are thinking like, they set an intention that they want to attract in their life, and after that they create doubts about it,

Whether am I capable of it or not, whether I deserve it or not, whether will I get it or not, Does the universe listen to me or not?

All these Limited beliefs stop our attraction. It’s the cause of our block-out manifestation.

STEP towards Solution:-

You must have Faith in yourself. You must have Faith in the Universe and its timing.

You need to see yourself there on the other side of manifestation.

6. Impatience and desperation


What mistake that people are making is they will be so desperate about outcomes once they set the intentions. 

Desperation and impatience might block your manifestation.


If you want to attract SMS from someone specific, if you have set an intention, and if you are checking your phone again and again, that is the desperation that kills our manifestation. 

STEP towards Solutuon:- 

We have to be patient after setting an intention, till the right frequency matches with the right outcomes.

We should let it go.

7. Lack of efforts


Many people feel free after setting an intention, and they sit on a chair and wait for a positive outcome. How stupid it is.

They will never get what they want and set as an intention. 

A Lord Krishna Said:-  

There is no existence of FRUITS, without KARMAS.

If you have done your KARMA then and only then will you be able to get FRUITS of it.

STEP towards Solution:- 

After setting an intention, you must have to work accordingly, Your actions must be aligned with your intention. It will lead you to the positive outcomes.

If your actions are not aligned with your intention then your manifestation will not work for sure.




Now you all are aware of the 7 blocks of manifestation, and their solutions, Now you all can rewire your brains and start applying the above solutions.

If you want to know the power of your subconscious mind and how to reprogramme your subconscious mind then make sure to stick around. 

I am here to share my life’s wisdom with you all.

Have a good day, GYT seekers:)

Thank you so much.


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