Unveiling the Magic: 7 Rules of The Law of Attraction 2024

Rules of the law of attraction

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Hello GYT seekers 😇 In this article we Unveil the secret of a successful life, we will dive into the 7 Rules of the law of attraction.

Let’s start with the beautiful Small Story:-


KALPAVRIKSHA is the Tree of our desires. We have been hearing this story since childhood, that whatever we desire under the KALPAVRIKSHA we will get it instantly.

That is why that Tree is called KALPAVRIKSHA – “Kalp” means “Desire” and “vriksha” means “Tree”.

MORAL- The Universe is the KALPAVRIKSHA, we are living under it. So whatever we desire or visualize, the universe will give it to us.

If you landed on this article, it’s not a coincidence, it’s pure divine planning.

Let’s start with the law of attraction basics and slowly deep dive into it.

So many people ask questions like, Is the law of attraction real?.. and the answer is YES. 

Guys believe it or not, The law of attraction is the law of the universe and it’s existed since humans were born.

One shocking thing about the law of attraction is It’s a LAW, like the Law of gravity. If you jump from a height, you will fall, because the law of gravity works, and in our reality believe it or not the law of attraction always works.

Dear It can change your life by 360 degrees. It has the power to transform your life if you use it in the right direction.

The secret law of attraction Quotes uttered by the great saints are as follows:-

Swami Vivekananda Once said:-

“All the powers in the universe are already ours, it is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it’s DARK.”


Dear, we just need to uncover our eyes see the light of the power of the universe, and protect ourselves with it. You will realize that the darkness will vanish miraculously.

Lord Buddha Once Said:-

“Whatever we are today, it’s a result of our THOUGHTS”


Whatever we created thoughts in the past, in the present we are paying the fruits of it. Details are explained in the 1st Rule out of 7 rules of the law of attraction Below.

Isaac Newton’s law says:-

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”

Lord Krishna said in their BHAGAVAD GITA About KARMA YOG.:-

“Whatever karma we do, we will get fruits of it accordingly.” 

If we plant a seed of neem tree and expect mango from the tree, it’s not working. Because whatever we have planted we will get fruits of it.

Pro Tip- 

The World has a round shape, it does not have Corners to keep your KARMAS, whatever you do you will receive it.

There are infinite Law of Attraction success stories available on this beautiful planet. Even many Film Actors and actresses use the law of attraction in their daily lives. 

You can refer to this

One shocking FACT:-

How many of you are using the law of attraction?

If you are new to the law of attraction you might say No, 

But the fact is every second, everyone uses it consciously or unconsciously.

FOCUS is most important in the application of the law of attraction.

Focus goes, energy flows and results will appear.

The focus must be maintained between whatever you have desired and what you manifested.

If you have started working on your desire then stick to it, don’t lose focus on it. You know what, nature wants to give you everything, But the scarcity and self-limitation mindset stops you from manifesting it in your life.

If you are facing troubles in your life and have lost your actual Path, then firstly you have to set a powerful intention, it will help you to get your focus back.

Dear if you have a half-empty glass of water and crying, then change your focus, you have a half-filled glass of water. ☺️

Before knowing the rules of the law of attraction, you must be smart enough In one important thing and that is to Control your mind.

4 Tips which help you to control your mind:

  • Gadget fasting:- 

In today’s youth, use of mobile is increasing day by day, 

They are wasting their time on social media, scrolling, games, etc.

They must decide to stay one day a week without a mobile phone or less screen time.

This will help you to control your mind.

  • Being in nature:-

In the early morning or at the time of sunset, do a little walk in nature, observe nature, 

You will feel calmer by doing this. 

You should keep your phone at home while going for a walk.

  • Noble Silence:-

Being silent will conserve your energy and help you to think clearly.

It will help you to make decisions faster.

Do not take part in unnecessary discussions.

  • Meditation:-

It’s Scientifically proven that if you develop the habit of meditation in your daily routine, then your focus will improve magically.

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So friends, now your base for understanding the rules of the law of attraction is built. Now let’s jump into the 7 Rules of the law of attraction.

1. Your thoughts create your reality.

Rules of the law of attraction

Dear gyt seekers, It’s a fact that your thoughts create your reality as we have mentioned in the beautiful Quotes above of lord Buddha.

You will get what you think about it, whether you want it or not.

A human brain has 60,000 thoughts a day and the research of the National Science Foundation, USA shows that:-

80% of thoughts are negative out of 60,000, and 95% of Thoughts are repetitive.

If you think about something constantly or more, then you will attract it more and more.

If you think negative people, you will attract them more,

If you think of a lack of money, you will attract more lack of it.

If you think about the lack of love, you will feel more and more lack of love.


Sometimes situations will not allow us to think positively, but at that time if you handle your thoughts by cultivating a positive mindset then you will always stay happy in any situation.

Positive thoughts create positive vibrations which can change the atmosphere around you.


Pro tip- 

You don’t need to control your thoughts, it’s too difficult, but you just need to guide your thoughts in the right direction.

2. You draw into your life what you frequently talk about.

Rules of the law of attraction

Sometimes what happens in our daily life, we use bad words when talking about ourselves by joking with someone.

Like… he/she is dumb like me.

Here, guys, you are making a huge mistake. You think that you were just joking, but it’s not, by uttering the words you are demanding it from the universe.

A great fighter Bruce Lee once said:- 

“Don’t speak negatively about yourself, even as a joke, your body doesn’t know the difference. The Words are energy and cast spells, that is why it’s called ‘spelling’.”

“Change the way you speak about yourself and you can change your life”

Guys talking positively will attract Positive outcomes, and it’s completely Free of cost.

If talking in a positive way is free of cost then why are people paying a huge cost of talking negatively? Do comment about it.

You should not use ‘NO’ or ‘DON’T’ or ‘NOT’ words as well.


Like if you don’t want something then you should not speak like- 

I don’t want to be sad, 

I don’t want to fail, 

I am not sad, 

I am not guilty.

Instead, you should use the words in this way:-

I want to be happy,

I want to be successful,

I am happy, 

I am innocent.

So keep in mind to always speak positively about yourself.

3. Feeling = Attraction

Research has shown that, 

“Our heart is 100000 times stronger ELECTRICALLY and 5000 times stronger MAGNETICALLY  Than our BRAIN.

Whatever we have feeling inside, we will attract the same thing in reality.

There are 2 most vital emotions that have a huge impact on our lives. 

  1. Jealousy
  2. Worry

We often see people around us becoming successful in their life, if we feel jealous to see their success, we will not be able to attract success in our life.


If our neighbor buys a Mercedes Car top model, and you see it, and you feel like they have black money, all they are earning money in the wrong way, etc you give birth to misconceptions in your brain. 

This is jealousy, and it will result in a lack of things that you want to attract.


Always appreciate others’ success, your brain will create new neural connections and you will find yourself on the path of attracting the same thing in your life.

Money + Appreciation = Attraction

Money + Jealousy = no attraction.

The Lord Krishna said in their BHAGAVAD GITA, 

“Worrying is equal to the Funeral”

Stop worrying about things that have not arrived in your life, stop worrying about anything.

Because worry will give birth to stress and anxiety which develops depression.

And ultimately you will be far away from your desired attraction. You will only attract worry in your life.

Sometimes it’s too difficult not to worry about something. It’s completely ok.

I can understand that. 

But ask yourself a Question:-

What will you get by worrying about that thing?. A solution Or a more worry?

So always protect yourself from these 2 emotions to attract happiness and joy in your life.

4. Two Enchanting emotions

Rules of the law of attraction


Guys, you one shocking thing, being sad is an option, But happiness is a Choice.

You can stay happy in every single second, every time, and in any situation IF YOU WANT.

Many people are thinking and saying that :

if you have money, you will be happy,

If you are successful, you will be happy, 

If you get in a relationship, you will be happy, 

If you are healthy, you will be happy.


The fact is simple: If you Stay happy all the time, you will have all those things that I mentioned above.


Gratitude is the seed, by which the giant Tree of happiness can sprout.

Gratitude is the mother of happiness.

It’s impossible to be grateful and sad at the same time. Either you can be grateful or you can be sad.

In our lives, we must pay gratitude for whatever we already have in our life. If we don’t pay gratitude for whatever we already have, we will lose it soon.

But if we are grateful for all the things then more and more magical things arrive in our life.

The Laws of attraction and gratitude are interlinked with each other.

If you are new to gratitude then here is the complete solution to your Questions about gratitude:-

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5. Whatever you see, you will attract.

Rules of the law of attraction

Whatever you see again and again you will attract it in your life.

Every successful person sets their role model and always stays in front of them all the time.

Whatever they want to achieve or manifest in their life, they always keep those things in front of them, with the help of a vision board or vision book.

They stick its photos and scripting around it. And day and night they look at it various times a day.

They always keep their role model’s photo in front of them, like who they want to be.

You can keep a journal or create a vision board to stick your photos of your dream on it.

6. Your thoughts are influenced by your surroundings.

Rules of the law of attraction

Swami Vivekanand said once: 

“You are the average of 5 people you hang out with” 

Your thoughts will be influenced by other people with whom you spend a great amount of your time.

Always Remember to spend most of your time with quality people only.

Quality people always have positive thoughts which helps them to keep their vibrations positive always.

And if you are with them, their positive vibrations affect you in a good way.

The same way the places that contain unnecessary things also release negative vibration which affects your thoughts.

So always stay at a place where cleanliness lies all the time.

If your room contains a lot of stuff then declutter unnecessary stuff from your room to keep your room vibration high.

7. You attract who you are.

Rules of the law of attraction

Be a person, to whom you want to attract in your life.

Albert Einstein once said:-

“Everything is made of energy. If you want something, match its vibe, and you’ll attract it. It’s just how things work. It’s not philosophy, it’s physics.”

If you feel low, it means you are connected with the lower frequency, or you might get something that contains lower vibration.

Things that affect your frequency adversely:-

  • Junk food
  • Negative self-talk.
  • Negative people
  • Gossiping or criticizing
  • Mobile/TV internet
  • Addiction
  • PORN

Things that help you to keep your frequency High:-

  • Meditation
  • Pleasant music
  • Positive movies
  • Reading
  • Raw food
  • Jog/ walk/ exercise
  • Being on nature
  • Playing with kids
  • Positive people
  • Learning new things

It is like increasing your vibration is like growing your muscles.

  • Conclusion:-

So we end up with a beautiful article on the law of attraction, in other words, the law of the universe. 

Now you are completely aware of the rules of the law of attraction. 

If you want to guide yourself about the application of the law of attraction then make your subscribe to this blog and it’s social handles because I will write articles and make video content around it.

Always remember the universe is always listing your thoughts. Your thoughts are energy. Thoughts will never die.

It will come back to you.

If you want to know more about the law of attraction you can take the help of books that are available on the internet nowadays.

One of my favorites and from where I have started to learn about the law of attraction is “THE SECRET BOOK” By Rhonda Byrne.

So keep your vibration very very very up.

Stay blessed, 

Lots of love…💗

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