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Easy guide to meditation

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Hello dear GYT seekers, you will learn an easy guide to meditation in 5 simple steps that can be followed by beginners easily.

Nowadays mindfulness and meditation have become so popular among youngsters. The new age now turns towards mindful habits. They prefer to be mindful instead of being stuck in a chaotic life.

If you are here to read this article then I am pretty sure that you have tried meditation in your life. But maybe you couldn’t follow it or you couldn’t feel that much peace or maybe you gave up many times.

It Happens, it’s normal too. I can understand, that today’s life is too different from earlier, today it’s too difficult to manage time for meditation. There could be many reasons, business, job, functions, etc etc.

Now you don’t need to be worried anymore, I am here to explain to you very easy steps of meditation that anyone can follow and with that, anyone can start their meditation journey.

No single person exists on this planet who starts feeling mindful and peaceful since day 1 of meditation. Because it’s necessary to fail in a meditation journey. So that we can understand the power and level of mediation.

I also failed many times in my meditation journey.

And a lot of successful meditators exist, who found their inner peace through consistent practice of meditation.

And I am sure if you follow this simple guide, you will be able to start your meditation journey easily and effortlessly.

Let’s start with the easy guide to meditation.


1. Find a Quiet space


The space where we meditate is the most important factor in our meditation journey.

Place of meditation, in other words, Altar space must be quiet and peaceful. So that external distractions will not disturb your peace.

If you found a natural place then it’s good but if you don’t have any natural space to meditate then you can do it at your home, in your room.

2. Wear comfortable clothes


During a meditation session, you must wear comfortable clothes so that your body can easily relax.

Clothes play a very important role in our Stillness while meditating. If we wear jeans and fancy clothes it might break our Stillness.

Wearing a sports lower and a T-shirt is the best option for meditation clothes, it will be more comfortable in meditation.

3. Focus on breathing


Initially, you need to build a mindset for meditation, so start with 5 minutes of morning meditation.

I have explained the effortless meditation technique in the 5th point of this article so keep reading this guide.

If you are new to meditation then it’s difficult to focus, so start focusing on your breath. Breath comes in and breath goes out. Focus on that.

Initially, you feel like wasting time, but gradually you will start noticing the calmness inside of you.

You say distractions are coming your way, wait, wait be patient, next point is about distractions. 😇

4. Embrace distractions


Yes you read it right, dear you need to embrace the distractions instead of pushing them or trying to stop them.

Let them come, and let them go.

Anything that we pull or push away will attack us with double force.

If we accept the distractions, then those distractions will disappear gradually. It will stop harming your peace.

If you feel more distracted, you can take the help of Guided meditation to calm the mind.

Remember we should not fight with distractions. It’s not the way.

5. Practice regularly


Consistency is the key.

Tell me one thing, remember those days you just learned to ride your bicycle, how can you be confident in riding a bicycle?.

Of Course, riding it regularly. Right?

In the same way, meditation is the new bicycle that we need to learn to ride.

Once we learn we keep practicing it regularly to be more confident in our meditation habit.

Here are the small meditation techniques:-

You can start meditation with:-

To accept the distractions, just meditate on distractions, and at the end of each distraction repeat the sentence I accept.

Do it regularly.

Once all the distractions are accepted, you will stop facing them in meditation.

You can do breathing exercises also to calm the mind.



Now you have an effortless way to meditate, now you just need to start your journey.

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