How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind To Manifest| 7 Ways to reprogram it – Complete Guide

How to reprogram your subconscious mind

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Hello! GYT seekers.

I hope you all are doing well.

In this article, I will help you achieve your goals and dreams with the inner power that lies in your subconscious mind. We will learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest anything you want.

Have you ever felt lost in your life and could not get rid of negative thought patterns?

Have you ever felt stuck in bad habits that you unconsciously followed?

Have you ever felt your growth is stuck and time is ongoing?

Have you been stuck many times in self-doubt, fear or limiting beliefs?

If so, then, dear GYT seekers, you are not alone on this journey. Many of us grapple with our subconscious mind. It all happened because of the wrong programming of our subconscious mind.

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If you feel all the above conditions in your life, then you are at the right place, Because we will understand the reason behind them and discuss the cure for them.

we will delve into the art of reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Let’s understand What the subconscious mind is.:- 


Before you embark on a journey of reprogramming your subconscious mind, let’s glimpse the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is like the plane that flies in autopilot mode and still perfectly flying. All the commands are already given to the plane before it is in autopilot mode.

It’s working tirelessly behind the scenes to manifest your thoughts, beliefs, and desires into reality. It’s where your habits, emotions, and automatic responses reside.

whatever happens in your life automatically, it’s the past commands that are given by your thoughts, conscious or unconscious.

“Whatever we are seeing now is the imagination of ours in the past.”

Why should you reprogram your subconscious mind?


Using the wisdom of your subconscious mind can turn the table for your life.

Reprogramming allows you to replace every negative thought pattern with a positive one and allows you to stay with positive thought patterns unconsciously.

And that Positive thought patterns will help you in your personal growth and transformation of your life.

Unknown benefits of Reprogramming your subconscious mind.


Reprogramming your subconscious mind can lead to a plethora of benefits like when you start planning your day, and actions for your goals with full focus, and you feel the end emotions with your closed eyes, if you can see the best future image of yourself.

Then it will create new neural connections which is the route cause of Change.

Identifying the Wrong Programming that lies inside of you


When you buy a new laptop or computer and if you install the wrong programs into it, then it will not work on its real potential. 

Whenever you go to the doctor for any disease, the doctor first diagnoses the disease, and then they will try to find the root cause of the disease, and they will give medicine according to the route cause of the disease.

same way, whatever wrong programming is done in your subconscious mind, we have to identify it first. It can be past experiences, it can have the wrong childhood atmosphere, and it can be early conditioning.


The Importance of conditioning your brain


If you want to change your life, then you have to change your subconscious conditioning from within, and it will lead you to transformation.

You can change your brain conditioning by changing your thoughts, 

According to psychologists and psychiatrists, when thoughts are conveyed to your subconscious mind, impressions are made in the brain cells.

An experiment that is held by psychologists:-

Remember your subconscious mind is incapable of making selections.

Whatever you show it repeatedly it will be accepted by your subconscious mind and bring it into reality.

So, feed your subconscious mind with life-changing thoughts, and it will erase all the negative patterns lodged therein.

If you want to reprogram your subconscious mind then here are the 7 ways to reprogram your subconscious mind to manifest your desired life.

1. Repetition of an intention


How to reprogram your subconscious mind
Repetition of an intention

Repetition is an important technique to reprogram your subconscious mind. Because when you speak something repeatedly then it will be deeply installed by your subconscious mind and reality will craft accordingly.

You can compare this technique with Farming or gardening. What we are doing in farming is planting seeds of crops that we want to produce, in the same way, we have to plant seeds of positivity or desired state on the soil of our subconscious mind to manifest. 

Repetition of an intention will help you to plant seeds of your desired state in your subconscious mind.

Let us understand this with a practical example:- 

If someone wants to boost their personal growth or self-confidence, then they have to affirm something like, “I am confident” repeatedly to plant it into the subconscious mind. You can do this before sleeping or just after you wake up.

Repetition not only reinforces your intention but also drowns out negative self-talk and self-doubt. It’s like a gentle but persistent stream carving its way through a mountain – eventually, it carves a deep and lasting path. So, as you embark on the journey of reprogramming your subconscious mind, remember the magic of repetition. With patience and dedication, you can reshape your inner world and, consequently, your outer reality.      

2. Affirming prayer


How to reprogram your subconscious mind
Affirming Prayer

Affirming a prayer is the easiest way to connect with divine force. It’s a profound technique to reprogram your subconscious mind. 

Prayer contains a bunch of positive statements that you want to attract in your reality. Imagine it as a conversation with your inner self, where you can interact like it is already done. 

Let’s understand with an example:-  

If someone wants to improve their health or heal their disease, then the prayer should be like, 

I am healthy, 

I feel cured. 

Every cell of my body is regenerated with every breath. 

As I take a breath in I breathe in perfect health and as I exhale I exhale all the disease from my body.

The infinite intelligence is present within me.

I know it heals me.

Thank you… thank you… thank you…

By consistently repeating this prayer, you send a clear and powerful message to your subconscious. Over time, your thoughts, choices, and actions align with this newfound belief, leading to improved health practices and, ultimately, a healthier you. 

3. Self-Hypnosis


surround yourself with positive people

Self-hypnosis is the most vital tool to reprogram your subconscious mind, Self hypnosis is like having a talkative relationship with your inner self.

By relaxing yourself and having calming thoughts you will interact with your subconscious mind to hypnosis yourself for your personal transformation.

Let’s say if you want to improve your public speaking skills, or if you want to get rid of stage fear, then sit in a calm place with your eyes closed, take a deep breath, and relax your mind, Do this breathing exercise for up to 10 breaths. You will feel calmer inside, Now imagine yourself in front of lots of people while holding a mike. Say I am a confident speaker, I can deliver my speech effortlessly. Imagine this every day.

Do this first thing in the morning just after waking and at last just before going to bed, because at these 2 times, our subconscious mind is naturally active. So it’s easy to reprogram it at these 2 times.

Think of self-hypnosis as your mind’s reset button, enabling you to rewrite limiting beliefs and install empowering ones. Over time, with consistent practice, you’ll notice a shift in your confidence. You’ll find yourself taking the stage with newfound ease, your subconscious now in alignment with your conscious desire for self-assuredness.

It’s a simple and effective technique that can help you unlock your inner potential. So, as you explore the fascinating world of reprogramming your subconscious mind, remember that self-hypnosis is your key to making lasting positive changes.

4. Journaling and self-reflection


surround yourself with positive people
surround yourself with positive people

Journaling plays a vital role when it comes to commanding your subconscious mind. In journaling, you have your personal diary in which you write your desired state that you want to reach in your life and write goals and dreams that you want to achieve in your life. 

You have to write your goals and dreams that happened already, You must have to reflect on them.

Do journaling daily and read it every day, use the first technique here, that is repetition of an intention, Your subconscious mind will accept it soon. And wonders will happen in your life.  

5. Surround yourself with positive people


How to reprogram your subconscious mind
surround yourself with positive people

According to JIM ROHN  

“You are the average of five people you spend most of your time with.”

If you want to be successful in your life, you have to spend time with successful people. If you want to build a positive mindset then you have to stick yourself with positive-minded people.

When you buy a new computer, first you have to install the right software and programs. If you install the wrong programs into the new computer then your new computer will not work as per expectations. 

In the same way When a new baby is born. The first seven years baby’s brain installs programs and behaviors from surrounding people. If The baby grows in a positive behavior then the baby’s brain installs positive talks and reacts accordingly while it grows big.   

If you are worried that you are already grown and your childhood atmosphere was not good,. Dear GYT seeker, you do not need to worry about it. Just do one thing: cut contact with negative-minded people Who spread negativity and always complain; whoever they are, keep their distance from them.

You feel awkward in the beginning but your subconscious mind will be positively programmed after some days. And you will feel changes in your life.

6. Gratitude


surround yourself with positive people
Gratitude is the mother of happiness

Gratitude is a super powerful tool to attract harmony and abundance in your life. It helps to reprogram your subconscious mind in such a way that your life is already fulfilled and you are grateful for that.

If you are completely new to gratitude, then I highly recommend you read the Article Gratitude: The Mother of Happiness. 

Let us understand how it will rewire your subconscious mind and bring desired results for you.

In gratitude, you will feel grateful for whatever you have in your life instead of focusing on things that you don’t have in your life.

When you consistently focus on things that you are grateful for and express gratitude for all the things, then your subconscious mind will progress in a way that feels gratitude for everything. Which brings happiness to your life.

The subconscious mind accepts the blessing that you feel every day, and it will start bringing the same kind of things that make you more happy in your life.

7. Visualization


Reprograme your subconscious mind

Visualization is the most powerful and effortless tool to reprogram your subconscious mind.

What is the meaning of visualization?


Visualization is the process in which a person needs to sit in a calm place with his or her eyes closed, see the desired state, and feel the emotions that you have already achieved and are already there. This is the process of visualization.

How do practice visualization? step-by-step guide

Step 1

To visualize anything, you first need to calm your mind with the help of deep breathing meditation or breathing exercises.

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Step 2

Once oxygen reaches your brain, Your brain will start being calm and slowly start focusing on the third eye portal with eyes closed. Keep breathing through the process.

Step 3

Then start seeing the desired state that you want to achieve or you want to reach in your mind and stay there for as long as you can.

Step 4 (Important step)

While seeing the desired state or desired dream to achieve, start to feel how you will feel if you have already achieved it, how emotions work, and how happy will you be, Just feel everything like it is already done.

how visualization will rewire your subconscious mind

Once you practice visualization effectively, your subconscious mind can not make a difference between your mental image and reality. Whatever you show it again and again, it will be accepted as reality. And bring it into your real world. This is how visualization helps to rewire your subconscious mind.



So, dear GYT seekers, Now you are only one step away from your dreams and desired state. Now you have everything that you need to know about reprogramming your subconscious mind.

Now build faith, break the limiting beliefs that are unintentionally installed in your brain and practice reprogramming your subconscious mind. 

Pro tip:- 

The habit of Meditation will make your efforts too easy to reprogram your subconscious mind.  

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