9 Addictions You Must Break To make Yourself Great in 2023

9 Addictions You Must Break To make Yourself Great in 2023

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In this article you will come to realize with 9 addictions you must break to make your life better.

Firstly let’s understand what are addictions and how they affect our lives. 

“Addiction is the excessive repetition of any particular habit.” 

How do addictions get formed?

When you have any habit to do, and you get pleasure in that habit. According to science If any habit releases Dopamine in our brain, that gives pleasure and our brain wants to do that again and again.

If at that time people lose control of that habit and start doing it excessively it becomes an addiction one day.

Here are examples of current addictions.

Like.. playing games, smoking, Uttering bad words, or Any particular body movement 

There are a lot of people who aren’t even aware of addictions. Whether they have it or not.

In this article, I have mentioned 9 Addictions you must break to make your life better in 2023.

You will come to know, how to fight addiction urges And How to overcome an addiction to something.

Let’s get dive into those ADDICTIONS and their CURE.

1. Comparing yourself with others.


Addiction to comparing yourself with others


We are living in a society where various kinds of people are living around us. The problem is we compare our life with someone else’s life while we are dealing with other people.

Remember This COMPARISON is not the problem, The way we compare is the problem of society.

There are 2 ways to compare.

Some people positively use Comparison, they use comparison to motivate themselves, They use comparison as fuel for their life, to achieve success in what they are doing.

What we are doing wrong is we are comparing our life with someone else’s life, which is wrong.

When we see someone more successful than us then sometimes jealousy gets born in our head and we start comparing ourselves with that person, Why I am not successful, Why I am not brilliant like him/her?

Comparing ourselves with others is a huge mistake that we make nowadays.

We have to stop comparing ourselves with anyone.

Everyone is unique, we all are unique from each other, and We all have different capabilities.

This is an Addiction you must break for best 2023.


To overcome or break the addiction to comparison, We have to change our thought patterns and the way of thinking about things that happen around us. 

Start feeling gratitude for others’ success. Give thanks to god for Others who are getting success in their life.

Be happy for other’s happy life. This attitude will help you to break the addiction of comparing.

You can re-program your subconscious mind by reading “Don’t compare yourself to others quotes” in the morning and before going to bed.

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2. Break your comfort zone.


Break Your Comfort Zone


The only way to discover your true potential is to get out of your comfort zone.

  •    Sandeep Maheshwari

What is the comfort zone? 

When you know there is something that needs to be Changed and you know you can change it, But you are not taking action and just waiting for the right time and right moment, That means you are living in a Comfort Zone.


The comfort zone is a psychological state in which a person feels at ease because they’re not tested.   

Inside their comfort zone, people don’t typically engage in new experiences or take on any challenges. They only participate in familiar activities, making them feel “in control” of their environment. 

Example- When you are doing things you love to do, and suddenly something happens in your life because of that you are unable to progress in things that you were doing. And you just stop it and not doing it anymore, not finding the other way to do that work, Not changing the situation, and just sitting and waiting for the situation to pass someday. That is the Comfort Zone.

Comfort Zone is the biggest barrier nowadays in youngster’s life. Many youngsters don’t even know that they are living in a comfort zone. They think they are happy and doing work to stay happy But it’s not.  

As we make eyes around us on things that we see now like, TV, Car, Bikes, Mobile, Machines, etc. everything is made to provide comfort to us. We forget to do hard work to get something. We always choose comfort in our lives.

So This addiction is the most terrible one. This is an addiction you must break to change your life.


If you want to break your comfort zone then you must have to develop new habits that give you discomfort at first. But believe me that discomfort state is the only state which can change you.

So start your day by choosing discomfort and face the challenges in your day-to-day life.

If you are good at something then find different ways to do that same thing, Different ways mean the ways you have not tried yet.

If you do so, when the situation gets tough to continue the same way, you will have various ways to do that.

There are a lot of books about getting out of your comfort zone available in the market

Slowly you will become used to the discomfort of life. And that makes you stronger and stronger, and more innovative.

3. Do not Quit, no matter what. 


Never give up, Do not Quit No Matter What.

What today’s generation is doing? They left things if it’s failing them. Nowadays youngsters don’t want to face failure. They only want success. 

So if they are doing something hard for them then they will easily quit it. They choose to quit instead of facing failure. Which makes them weaker and weaker.

What will happen in the future with this type of person?

See there is no shortcut to success in anything, and this type of person always tries to find a shortcut to success and if they don’t get they leave it, they quit.

These people will never succeed in life, and in the end, they make them believe that they will never succeed.

This is an addiction you must break, And understand that We should never give up.


To break the addiction of giving up on things You must become comfortable with failure.

Always make your mindset before starting anything. Prepare your brain to face every challenge. 

When the thought of giving up hits your brain, just ask the simple question, Why have you started it?

Whatever you are doing, Or want to do, Just Attach Your strong WHY to that work. Why you are doing it? It will give you the motivation to continue it.

If you have overcome this addiction of giving up on things, You will realize that everything becomes easy for you. You will never be afraid to take risks and start new adventures.

Your brain is programed to be give up if things not works but, Make your brain fool, and never give up on yourself

It’s By me -The Author.

4. Stop excessive use of phones.


Stop excessive use of phones.

We all know that excessive use of mobile phones has become the biggest addiction of the century. 

What people are doing? 

If a small child is crying then their parents give them a phone to keep them calm. 

Is that a way to handle children? no.

Nowadays facilities in mobile phones keep us addicted to our phones. Like games, and watching unnecessary videos and movies.

When we are using our phones at that time we don’t have any clue about the expensive time that we are wasting.

Because of the excessive use of mobile phones, We are wasting our precious time on useless things. For what only regret will remain at the end.

This is an addiction you must break to achieve your goals in the meantime.


To overcome the addiction to excessive use of mobile phones we must have to set a time frame for its use.

And the most important thing is we have to build a habit of To-Do lists, This single habit will keep you busy with various tasks of the day. Because of these tasks, you will not have time to waste on mobile phones.

Here is the video that will help you to understand the habit of making a To-do list.

There are a lot of other applications available that will help you to stay free from using your mobile phone.

Left mobile phone 2 hours Before going to sleep. Try to sleep before 11:00 PM. and wake up at 5:00 AM. Start your day full of gratitude and wish yourself the best day.  

5. Try to overcome distractions. 


try to overcome distractions
overcome distractions

Distractions are everywhere around us, Enhance your Focus.

Distractions are everywhere around us, What we are doing is we are respecting that distraction and we got ourselves trapped in it. That is the biggest mistake that we are making.

Distractions will allow us to enjoy things, But they will destroy our precious time that we will never get back. 

If you are reading this article then you are the person who wants to overcome this addiction. I assure you that you are destined for the right place.

Every time we want to try something new in our lives, all these distractions pull us back. And we could not stay consistent with our new thing.

This is an addiction you must break to stay focused on your dreams.


Distractions are everywhere around us, Just enhance your focus.

We should not try to overcome the distractions that we are facing, instead, we should enhance our focus on the things that we want to achieve. 

To enhance our focus we must be clear in our brain about what we want to achieve in our life, And why we want to achieve it.

To enhance your focus you need to build a habit of meditation, which will help you focus. 

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6. Waiting for the perfect time to start


Stop Waiting For Perfect Time To Start

Nowadays we all are always waiting for the perfect time to start something new. But we are not aware of the universal fact that the right is NOW not letter or in the future.

Those who are waiting for the perfect time will wait for their lifetime.

Time is slow when you wait!

Time is fast when you are late!

Time is deadly when you are sad!

Time is short when you are happy!

Time is endless when you are

in pain! 

Time is long when you feel bored!

Every time, time is determined by your feelings and your psychological conditions and not by clocks.


Never wait for the Perfect time, just make your time perfect for whatever you want to do.

Never wait for the perfect opportunity, When the opportunity comes just grab it and make it perfect.

There is no perfect time, so don’t wait anymore. Just do it now. I assure you that you will not regret the letter.

“Getting it done is far better than getting it done perfectly.”

7. Complaining about everything.


You will have a lot of people around you who are always complaining about things they don’t have or they have but they don’t value it.

Sometimes males utter that why women complain so much. But dear males let me ping you here that this question itself is a complaint.

Some people fall in complaint at a high level, They complain about small and silly things also.

Like, if salt is less in meals, They lose their mood and blast like bombs on the maker.

Or if someone mistakenly did something wrong with them, they always think that was done intentionally, and start fighting with them.

According to these people, Mistakes must not happen by humans.


This is an addiction that no one can directly remove from within. If you want to remove you must have to go through a process. 

A process of gratefulness, Means always appreciating things that come in front of you. Always give thank you to god for everything.

You have to fall into an addiction of Gratitude for everything.

You should focus on meditation also, meditation will help you to stay calm in every situation. And it will help you to accept things as they are.

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8. Multitasking.


Stop Multitasking and boost your productivity

Sometimes we think that I can do all the work by myself. This is an addiction to multitasking. This means doing multiple tasks with a single hand at the same time. 

Why multitasking is bad?

Some people feel good handling multiple tasks with a single hand, But Multitasking is dangerous for our memory power.

No doubt our brain can handle the immense amounts of pressure of work, But it does not mean that it can function in multiple tasks simultaneously. It will lead to loss or fewer results and because of this addiction many times we have to face opportunity costs also.


A growing body of research has found that it’s far less efficient to try to do two (or more!) things at once than to focus on just one task at a time.

Diversification of Work will produce higher positive results than doing all the work with a single hand.

To break this addiction you must have to understand teamwork and its benefits. 

9. Procrastination


How to overcome Procrastination.


Procrastination is an addiction to distracting yourself again and again from your main work or goal. In other words, delaying any tasks or a bunch of tasks is procrastination.

Procrastination is a universal addiction nowadays, Which is dangerous for our future. These days there are a lot of enjoyable things available like playing games, watching reels, and creating unnecessary things online.

Psychology says that Procrastination is connected to negative functioning and risks to mental health.

These things will give dopamine to your brain, And your brain is stuck in that temporary pleasure.


You have to enhance your focus to something that you want to accomplish. And for that meditation is the best thing ever.

Whenever you feel like doing your work some other time, Just ask yourself a question why do we do what we do?

To overcome this addiction you have to develop a habit of meditation. So if you are stuck in an addiction to procrastination then it’s too hard for you to stay in one place and meditate.

So here are the 7 Effortless ways to meditate that will help you to develop the habit of meditation and that habit of meditation will help you to enhance your focus, and that will cure your addiction to procrastination.

Thank you so much 🙂

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