7 Habits: Guaranteed to Undo 80% Of your Life Problems

Habits Guaranteed to Undo Of your Life Problems

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Understanding the Importance of Habits in Transforming Your Life.

Hello fabulous readers; 

I hope you all are doing well. 

Do you know the significant impact of our daily habits that can change or destroy our entire lives? We will get in touch with 7 habits: guaranteed to undo 80% of your life problems.

Let’s understand the importance of habits in transforming your life.

Our daily habits shape our whole day and determine how we feel at the end of the day. They control our daily schedule, priorities, and, ultimately, the life we design for ourselves. Whether we are aware of it or not, our habits continuously affect how we feel, think, and act.

If you are worried about your bad habits and are aware of them and want to replace them with good life-changing habits, Then the good news is that you can have the power and opportunity to choose or craft Effective habits for personal growth and problem-solving.

Studies have shown that developing life improvement habits and sticking to those habits will lead to a drastic positive change in your life. These positive habits will help you to think positively in every situation and can help you to stay calm in every circumstance. 

Best habits also help us to save time and energy. Do you know how? 

If you have Daily habits for a better life, you have a clear mindset about your work and are entirely aware of do’s and don’ts. It can save you time and energy.

By developing positive micro habits for success, we can craft positive lifestyles and consciously experience those habits’ effects.

I have mentioned 7 habits that can Undo 80% of your life problems

By reading this article, you will have 7 habits to develop to heal your life problems. 

Habit 1: Gratitude Practice For A Positive Mindset


gratitude practice for the positive mindset that undo 80% of your life problems.

Gratitude is one of the powers full practice against every life problem. 

The simple meaning of gratitude is giving thanks for everything you already have.

According to experts, gratitude is the ultimate solution to every problem in your life. It could be anything: relationship, financial, mental, stress, health, etc. Any problem you have, The solution is gratitude.

This is a habit if you develop it and practice it regularly. It can change your life 360 degrees. It will help you to build a positive mindset.

If you want to understand gratitude from scratch, here is Complete information about How Gratitude is The mother of happiness.

See, life is a beautiful gift from God god to us. But God wants us to be strong and to make us stronger and stronger, and they throw a lot of challenges into our lives. 

Many people can not recognize the challenges of God, and they react negatively to those challenges and always blame God for their failures. It’s the opposite of gratitude.

And if you are always complaining about things or challenges, it may adversely affect your life. 

So if you want the life of your desire, a Beautiful happy life, then You have to swim in the color of gratitude.

How to start gratitude practice:

Start appreciating things that come before you, irrespective of good or bad things. Just appreciate it. 

It’s normal when you start appreciating good things, but once you start appreciating bad things, there will be no more sorrows or regrets.

Here is a small guide on how to practice gratitude.

      • When you wake up in the morning, give thanks to God for keeping you alive,


        • When your feet touch the surface, thank Mother Earth for handling your weight.


          • When you open the window, and the sunlight touches your skin, close your eyes feel the energy, and express gratitude by thanking it.


            • When the cold and clean air touches your face, give thanks for the clean air.


              • Thank you for all the meals that are available to you, 

            These are a few examples by which you can start your gratitude journey. Life is too short of giving thanks to God for whatever they have done for us. So try to express as much gratitude as you can.

            If you can not see the reason for giving thanks, then the fault lies inside you, So observe and understand things and express gratitude for everything.

            Gratitude is the habit that can Undo 80% of your life problems.

            If you still can not express gratitude, here is the best solution drafted; grab your time.

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            Habit 2: Daily Journaling For Mental Clarity And Self-reflection

            Habit 2: Daily Journaling For Mental Clarity And Self-reflection

            Sometimes What happens to us is that we get frustrated about so many things at once, and then we push ourselves into overthinking these things. 

            What will we get? Just a waste of time and a vague mindset.

            Here is the cure for this situation hidden behind this small habit: Daily journaling.

            Daily journaling is an effective way to gain mental clarity and engage in self-reflection.

            Daily journaling benefits are excellent and will help us develop a clear mindset about what we want in life.

            Now the question might arise in your brain: What should I Journal about Daily?

            The answer is pretty simple. You can journal about things you want to achieve in your life, write your thoughts to understand them more clearly, and add things that already exist in your life and you are most grateful for.

            Just write an appreciation for whatever comes in front of you. And you will indeed feel the positive results of journaling.

            Remember that there is a vast difference between journaling and a diary.

            A diary contains information about your professional life, Or work, like a To-Do list and How you will achieve things you want.

            And the journal contains your thoughts, understanding, and things you want to achieve.

            Daily journaling will help you control the emotions in your hand and improve your mental health.

            So this habit can help you to Undo 80% Of your life problems.

            Habit 3: Mindful Breathing Exercises For Stress Relief And Relaxation 

            Mindful Breathing Exercises For Stress Relief And Relaxation


            Breathing exercise definition:

            Breathing exercises are a collection of techniques that focus on controlling and 

            manipulating breath to enhance physical and mental well-being. 

            They typically focus on breathing slowly and deeply and could contain specific techniques, such as diaphragmatic breathing, alternate nostril breathing, or even breath retention.

            Breathing exercises are frequently utilized for relaxation, stress reduction, or Meditation. They can be utilized in different contexts like yoga, mindfulness, or medical therapy.

            Studies have shown that we have More than 6200 thoughts In a day. And the ultimate reason behind every problem in our life is Overthinking. Overthinking is the root cause of every issue in our lives. 

            To reduce the number of thoughts, our brain needs enough oxygen, and then breathing exercise comes into the picture. 

            There are a lot of ways to do breathing exercises. 


                • You can do breathing exercises while working out or do yoga.


                  • You can link breathing exercises with your walking.


                    • You can do breathing exercises while meditating.

                  What is the best exercise for breathing?

                  Meditation is one of the best exercises to practice breathing. Let’s understand the way of breathing exercises through Meditation.

                  Find a calm place where no one disturbs you. Keep your phone away from you. I recommend you to go somewhere natural where few hills are covered and have trees. 

                  Then take a Yoga mat or a cushion with you. Seat on that mate or cushion. Remember, do not touch the surface. 

                  It’s an entirely different lesson about Meditation. If you want to know about Meditation, then keep reading. I have something best for you in the next habit of this article.

                  Sit with your legs crossed and keep your palms on the leps upside facing. Take a deep breath, and with an exhalation of breath, slowly close your eyes.

                  Sit for a few minutes and observe your thoughts, Do not try to stop them. Just let them come and let them go. 

                  Slowly shift your focus from your thoughts to your breath. The breath is coming inside; it travels through your nose, then throat and breath line, and goes to every area of the body, just observing it by being introverted.

                  And likewise, slowly breathe out and think of the word “Relax.”

                  Do this exercise for a few minutes; after a few minutes, you will feel relaxed and 


                  This habit can contribute to Undoing 80% of your life problems.

                  Habit 4: Meditation for Inner Peace and Emotional Balance

                  Meditation for Inner Peace and Emotional Balance

                  Meditation is a way of being introverted. Meditation is the only way to connect with our souls.

                  The meaning of Meditation:

                  To be in the present moment is called Meditation. Meditation is the connecting bridge between our breath and soul. This is the ultimate goal of Meditation.

                  Meditation has various interpretations, and the meaning differs from person to person. 

                  Some people think that we should not think anything when we sit for Meditation. We should try to stop thoughts.

                  Yes, it’s right; we should not think anything, but it’s wrong to stop our thoughts. We should not stop or run from our thoughts

                  – We need to observe them and let them come and let it go.

                  If you try to stop thoughts, they repeatedly attack with double force. Instead, let them come slowly with a breathing exercise. The thoughts will become neutral at some moment.

                  After this stage, the actual Meditation starts.

                  By developing this habit, your life becomes worry-free. You will start living your life in the present and feel inner peace. The chaos of the outer world will not affect your inner peace.

                  You will find a way to Undo 80% of your life problems.

                  Your life is in emotional balance, Your interest shifts from material to immaterial things, and you start finding the purpose of life.

                  If you are a person who is entirely new to Meditation, you can start with guided Meditation. Read the mentioned blog article below.

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                  Habit 5: Prioritizing Self-love

                  Prioritizing Self-love And self-care

                  What happens nowadays with people, their happiness is dependent on someone else. If someone is talking with them, they feel happy; if that person does something wrong or stops talking, they become sad. 

                  They gave their emotional switch in someone else’s hand, and that someone keeps playing with it whenever they want.

                  And sometimes, you feel like advising or suggesting something to friends, relatives, or anyone. 

                  Still, at the same time, you start thinking that your opinion will not be considered, and you don’t suggest or advise anyone. This is nothing but a Lack of self-love.

                  If you lack self-love, no one will love you or even respect you.

                  So if you want respect from others, you must respect yourself first. If you want people to love you, you must start loving yourself first. Self-love is the best emotional self-care 

                  that we ever do. 

                  If you want to cultivate self-love, then here is the Self-love challenge that will transform your life.

                  Along with self-love, Self-care also plays a vital role in our daily life. This habit of self-love will change your life and undo 80% of your life problems.

                  There are a lot of self-love books available in the market that you can read and cultivate self-love within.

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                  Habit 6: Consistent Sleep Schedule for Better Rest and Restoration

                  Consistent Sleep Schedule for Better Rest and Restoration

                  Today’s Generation and today’s life have become too fast, and because of too short a life, we are ignoring our sleep time and rest timing, which causes many physical and mental diseases.

                  Nowadays, proper and worry-free sleep is the dream for many people. 

                  Humans need at least 6 hours of adequate sleep to get better rest and perfect restoration to perform the next day effectively.

                  A healthy diet and daily exercise are perfect for your health. In the same way, getting 

                  enough sleep is also most important for our life.

                  A kid needs 8 hours of sleep for better rest. 

                  Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, who studies sleep at the University of Rochester, states that your brain works while you sleep. By sleeping, your brain will prepare to learn new things, remember, and create new things. 

                  These all are scientific things that we should follow.

                  There are a lot of Consistent sleep schedule benefits, That can help you improve your life. Enough amount of sleep can help you in your spiritual life also. 

                  Sleep can restore the energy you use in a day, And you can use that restored energy again the next day. 

                  If you skip sleep or get less sleep than required, you will not be able to perform well in the 

                  next day, and you will feel lazy.

                  Your body wants to work, and your eyes want to rest, and the fighting between your body and your eyes will waste your time. You can not work correctly, and even you can not sleep during your work time.

                  So it’s pretty clear that sleep is too important to be healthy. So, this consistent sleep schedule habit can undo 80% of your life problems.

                  Habit 7: Regular Exercise for Physical and Mental Health

                  Regular Exercise for Physical and Mental Health helps you to fight life challenges

                  Regular exercise can lead to significant positive changes in your daily life.

                  Daily exercise releases endorphins and dopamine hormones in our bodies, which can help us to feel refreshed.

                  There are a lot of benefits of regular exercise.

                  After exercise, you will notice that you will work effectively and consciously. In other words, we can say that regular exercise helps us to be more conscious about things.

                  If you are an early morning person and doing regular exercise, you will notice the positive effects of exercise on the body system.

                  Regular exercise helps in stress management, its most notable benefit ever.

                  Thus the habit of daily exercise will Undo 80% of your life Problems.


                  If you are still here on this article, Then I am sure that you understand the importance of good habits and the 7 best habits that can Undo 80% of your life problems.

                  Now, What is the final step in the problem-solving process? 

                  The final step in the problem-solving process is To address the problem in the right way so that you can undo it from your life.

                  I follow these above-mentioned 7 habits that changed my life 360 degrees.

                  If it worked for me, It will work for you also. Keep hustling and make sure to stick around for more wellness content.

                  thank you so much:)

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