5+1 Things To Remember On Hard Days| Resilience Tips For Difficult Times In 2024

5+1 Things To Remember On Hard Days

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Hello…GYT seekers. 

In this article, we will go through the 5+1 Resilience tips for difficult times that we all have in our daily lives.

We all have to face hard days in our lives, even successful people face hard days, but only the flavor is different.

Why do these Hard days come into our lives?

You know what… All these hard days are most required to make us stronger and stronger.

Always remember God keeps sending challenges in our life which means God wants us to make us stronger than before.

Most people are taking challenges like,  

  • Why is it always happening to me?
  • My life is too bad.
  • Is god hating me?


But that’s not the case. We should not think like this. God is our creator.

Just ask yourself, 

Does your mother or Father want to harm you or want to see you in trouble?

Of course Not.

Then God is also our creator, our mother, and our father, so why do they want to harm us?

They bring hard days into our lives, to make us capable of everything in our life, We just need to accept those challenges and Navigating Hard Times correctly.

I know it’s too hard to find positivity during challenging moments, But believe me once you overcome your fear you will feel like you can overcome all the challenges.

A lot of success stories are available on this planet, you can verify anyone, and you will not find any single case study that succeeds effortlessly or without facing hard days.

They all faced huge challenges, they all fell many times, they all cried, and they all felt low moments. Everything that God brought to them, they accepted it and respected it and God gave them strength to overcome it.

That is why we all know them.

Successful people are so successful because they overcome all the challenges that God brought into their life, they don’t complain about them. They respect all those challenges and overcome them.

I know what are thinking right now, you think like, it’s easy to say but hard to execute in real life.

I strongly agree with you dear.

I know it’s too hard to overcome adversity in these moments.

In this article, I gave a brief explanation of 6 things to remember on hard days that will take your fairy to the other side of the sea.


1. Today is just a chapter, not your whole life.


5+1 Things To Remember On Hard Days

Many people are blaming god for their own lives based on today’s conditions or situations. 

They are blaming like, God, why do you keep hurting me? Why do you bring all these troubles into my life?

But they are forgetting the things that God gave them as a blessing. If you start counting blessings and paying gratitude for all that you already have, then you don’t have to wait for happy moments.

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Many times continuously the worst things happen in our lives. And we thought like our whole life is not good, or like My life is scrap. 

We are making these judgments based on a few bad moments in our lives.

Let’s see one practical example-

You had a habit of writing dairy for the last 10 years, you have written about beautiful things and experiences in that dairy, and you have written about worst experiences also, you feel like that dairy is everything to you now.

Now You are in a beautiful relationship with one beautiful girl and you have written every best moment in your diary that you spent together, you have sketches, you have lots of written chats over there in your diary, Your photos with her.

Wherever you go, you always take it with you. Now that dairy has become the best part of you. 

Now something happened, somehow she left you, she broke your trust, broke your heart. You both spent only 1 and a half years together.

Now what will you do with that dairy in which you have written the best experiences and moments of your last 10 years?

Would you like to throw away that dairy or would you like to cut the pages on which you have written moments with that specific person, which is now hurting you while reading or seeing them?

Of Course, you cut the pages, right?

Then apply the same principle to your life. If your days are going wrong, it doesn’t mean your whole life is bad. Cut those days and live your life happily.

Life is so beautiful. 😍

2. Focus on things that you can control.


5+1 Things To Remember On Hard Days

Sometimes what happens, is that we try to control others around us, or we try to control things that are not under our control.

Like, someone does too wrong to you and breaks your trust, and they don’t want to accept their mistakes, and if you try to make them realize them, explain to them to accept those mistakes, it will not work. Because it’s not in your control. 

It will create only sorrows at the end, nothing else. 

Remember one thing at that time, If they do wrong, they will pay for it, Karma remembers everything.

What you can control here is, When this type of situation arises, and if you are right in your place, then stay at your place, don’t try to prove it, it’s not your work. Let the Time do it for you.

That is the only thing that you control in that situation is keeping calm and letting the Universe do justice. It will help you to develop a positive mindset during tough moments.


3. Don’t be shy to ask for help from others


5+1 Things To Remember On Hard Days

Sometimes people make a huge mistake, that they feel like they know everything, and they don’t need anyone’s help.

They thought they could figure out everything by themselves. But it’s not like that.

Life has various realms, and No one is perfect on this planet,  no one is an expert in every realm of life.

If you always live with that attitude, I don’t need anyone’s help, I can do it by myself, then dear if some unsolvable problem arises in your life. At that time you will fall into big trouble.

You feel lonely because there will be no one to guide you and hold your hand. You will lose your mental strength at that time.

So dear friend it’s ok to seek help from others, whenever you feel like asking for help from others, then dear don’t be shy, just ask for help.

God is so great, they create this kind of set of circumstances. They not only make you realize that it’s ok to ask for help but they also want to test others’ KARMA.

So don’t be shy to ask for help from others. It will help you to retain mental strength on tough days.

4. You can’t change Others


5+1 Things To Remember On Hard Days

The key problem we all face when going through tough times is we always keep expectations from people, look mental strength on tough days at people for what they should be, and become angry when they are not what they should be.

and according to lord Krishna, expectations have the character of breaking every time. 

So we shouldn’t keep expectations from anyone.

Many times it happens people will not walk according to you, people always do things as they want to do.

If you want them to work according to you, then you will always be disappointed about it.

You can change people, even though they are closest to you, even no one else can do so.

People will not change for anyone, they change for themselves only.

Paramhansa Yoganandji said,

“Change yourself, You have done your part in changing the WORLD.” 

So don’t waste your time and energy in changing others around you, instead change yourself and you will see the world will change automatically.

So keep this in mind challenging days of your life.

5. It’s just a TIME, it will pass.


5+1 Things To Remember On Hard Days

Many times in our lives we feel, so stressed, depressed, and feeling like overwhelmed, At that time negative thoughts attack our brains, and we start thinking like, My whole life is rubbish, whole life is bad.

But it’s not like that my dear friend,

All happens for a reason and reason always be good behind it. God always takes care of all of us.

You say if god taking care of us then why do all these hurdles come our way, it’s a genuine question. 

But dear all hurdles and problems god sent on our way to make us more and more stronger. Not to destroy us.


Once someone asked Lord Krishna, God Please write something on the wall, By looking at it, May I be sad in times of happiness, and may I be happy in times of sorrow

LORD KRISHNA Wrote:- This time too will pass

So dear if something worse going on in your life, then it’s not your life’s worst, it is your time that is worse, and it will pass one day. Keep that in mind. It will help you manage stress during challenges.

6. There will be hard days


5+1 Things To Remember On Hard Days

Life’s amazing secret is that there will be hard days in our lives.

We must be clear with this beautiful secret of our lives. We must be strong enough to handle those hard days.

All those hard days are uncertain, we don’t have any clue when those days will fall like a broken cloud of water in our lives.

So we must be clear about this Fact of our life, this beautiful thing will encourage you on difficult days.


Now you have 5+1 Coping strategies for tough days of our lives.

Always walk with all these 6 things. It will help you in your hard times.

I have completed a 10-day vipassana course at the best place that is the Kutcha Vipassana Center and I learned that I should not react to any of the material things that happening in my life. I should stay equanimous. Because reacting to something will help it to grow more.

You must learn to stay calm and quiet and be perfectly equanimous, because everything that you are going through, whether it’s happy moments or sad moments, all have a nature of impermanence.

Pro tip-

If you want less hard times in your life, then always express gratitude for all the things that you already have in your life.

Pay thank you to god for everything, good or bad, everything.

And see the magic of gratitude, it will bring magical things into your life.

If you want to know more about gratitude then read.

Gratitude: The Mother Of Happiness

Thank you so much:)

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